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Our Story

TKI Solutions was created as an answer to organizations’ needs for a better information management system and fact-based decisions.

With today’s influx of data and the speed that is required to react, creating an infrastructure to sustain efficiency is mandatory for any organization that wants to perform. Just think about the sales manager who relies on several Excel sheets to get just one piece of information, or when teams collaborate and communicate and precious information is lost. We can name many examples where tailored software solutions solve critical situations and boost an organization’s efficiency. That is the conclusion we came to from our experience with companies, institutions and non-profits from around the world.

There are quite many reasons why an organization should consider implementing a mix of customized software solutions, with numerous benefits for both the organization and its customers. That’s why we’re here: to smooth the road towards successfully implementing solutions for information management.

Our promise to our customers is to offer a highly customized experience by implementing high-quality, worldwide leader software solutions that transform the way they work with data, so that they can put their efforts and time into what truly matters to them.

Our Mission

We aim to help organizations jumpstart their path to performance through quality data and systems implementations.


Every organization, no matter what sector it is involved in, works with information and data. Keeping track of the data flow is a must, whether you are a corporate, non-corporate or institutional entity.

Quality data

It has recently become commonplace for organizations to be drowning in data. Select what you want to keep an eye in your picked solutions. Also, one of our trained specialists will gladly assist you in choosing the right information to follow!

Path to performance

Through the implementation of the solutions we offer, we and our partners guarantee a more efficient and effective workflow for your organization. These improvements in data management and software processes will result in having more time for what’s truly important for your organization, thus allowing you to perform at your best!

Systems implementation

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Who we want to help

Our services geared towards organizations that:

  • Want to put their customers first;
  • Want to increase efficiency;
  • Need information transparency;
  • Need easy access to information;

We help our clients, no matter their level of know-how and experience with software solutions: from the non-tech person to the IT specialist, we’ve got you covered!

We establish the right approach to our collaboration and make your organization more efficient and better performing.

How we can help

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