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Microsoft Dynamics doesn't offer a direct method of importing available values for Option Sets. But there is a trick that you can use to quickly add values.... Read more

Power BI Free offers rich features for data analysis and visualization and advanced tools that make the process of building reports fast and easy.... Read more

Power BI is an amazing software when it comes to data analysis and visualization but, unfortunately, not all its components support advanced date intelligence features. In other words, you can not split and analyze your data based on different time frames (per month, per quarter, per year etc). But to do this you can u... Read more

  Who are we? Meet Alex. He’s a well respected sales manager in his company, that works really hard to make both his clients and his colleagues happy. He cold calls, prospects, researches and really dives deep in his conversations with potential clients. Alex always goes for closing deals with a win-win attitude... Read more

What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it is exactly what its name says, a collection of technologies, means, rules and processes which ensure creating and maintaining a good relationship with your customers and potential customers, by making sure they get a quality experience at every touch p... Read more