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About LiveChat

Building a beautiful interface and an effective experience for every customer touch-point is essential. LiveChat allows you to take full control over every element to ensure the best results.

Real time support can guide your website visitors to the desired webpages and actions and bring additional benefits to your company. Employing real professionals that are always willing to help and empowering them with the right tools will delight your website visitors and turn them into customers and promoters.

Services we offer

  • Software implementation
  • User profiles configuration
  • Ticketing system configuration
  • Automatic processes configuration
  • Chat window design personalization
  • External systems integration
  • Courses for end-user
  • Courses for system administrators

Key Benefits

Automatically redirect visitors to the right representatives

  • The chat conversations can be assigned to a certain user or group of users, based on the visited page’s URL.

Draw the visitors’ attention with automatic messages

  • A visitor can receive automatically a personalized message as soon as he accesses a certain page or after browsing the website for a certain time-period.

Transfer the conversations in real time

  • A conversation can be transferred from an agent to another; If an agent cannot accept conversations, it can set its status to “Not accepting chats” and in this way he becomes inactive on the chat.

Chat transcripts are sent through email to the agent

  • The agent can choose the chat conversations that he wants to keep and they will be sent to him

See what visitors are typing even before they send a message

  • The agent will see what the visitors are writing in real time, even before they click the “Send” button

100% CSS customizable

  • The chat window can be personalized by using the options offered in the user interface or by using own CSS code.

Facilitates relevant information gathering

  • Relevant information about the visitor can be collected through pre-chat surveys.
  • Valuable feedback can be collected from each visitor through post-chat surveys.

Includes an efficient ticketing system

  • When no agent is available, a ticketing system is active and the visitor can submit offline messages that will be received through email by the agent.

Device independence

  • The service is available both via browser and dedicated apps.
  • The service is optimized for mobile devices (both for the agents and the end-users).

High efficiency for agents

  • Fast switching between conversations.
  • The app is showing the physical location of the visitor.

Visibility over resulted conversions

  • Objectives can be set and LiveChat can be integrated with Analytics to get relevant insights.


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