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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you a comprehensive view of your customers, potential customers and every touch point. The software can give you fast access to a tremendous volume of data, in a user-friendly, powerful interface. It allows your customer service and sales teams to take one step forward in understanding and satisfying customers.

Every user has their own particularities when it comes to everyday activity, contacts they interact with, data they need to view, add or modify. That is why Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to create specific user roles and to associate different windows, information, and processes to each role.

Time is precious, which is why process automation is essential for higher productivity among sales and customer service representatives. By using automatized processes, you will reduce or eliminate manual data-entry and sluggish communication, as well as encourage collaboration and data sharing between employees and departments.

Reporting is essential for better understanding each element within your business, as well as for tracking growth. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers out of the box connectivity to the business intelligence software Power BI, so that CRM users and non-users have access to relevant, customized, real time insights.

Services we offer

  • User interface customization
  • Database structure design
  • User roles and access levels configuration
  • Automatic processes configuration
  • Reports and dashboards design
  • External system integration
  • Courses for the end-users
  • Courses for the system administrators

Key Benefits

Overall vision on data and processes

  • By accessing one record, the user can see all the information regarding both the accessed record and every record that it is connected with (for example if the user accesses a customer’s form, he will also see information about his historical purchases, service requests etc.) in a single window.

Device independence

  • Available both on desktop and mobile devices through browser and dedicated apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

Real-time analytics

  • Use Business Intelligence software and connect it directly with your Microsoft Dynamics database without writing any code. Get real time insights inside or outside the CRM system, even if you don’t have a CRM user license.

Process automation

  • Use powerful processes to update field values, transfer data, and display custom content without any human intervention.

Data transparency

  • The data is uniformly updated in real time for each user. Data can also be exported or directly accessed by other software solutions (Business Intelligence, Chat).

Pay-as-you-go through user-based access

  • In case you choose the Online deployment (hosted by Microsoft), the system is scalable and is based on the pay-per-user model, meaning you only pay for what you use.

Data security

  • Besides the security offered against unwanted access, different security roles can be configured inside the system for end-users so that each category of user has the permission to view, edit or delete only certain information (records).

Independent but integrated modules for each department within an organization

  • There is one module for each area: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and others. You can get (and pay for) as many as you want.

Various integration alternatives

  • To get a richer experience and to save precious time for the end-users, the system can be integrated with different solutions: Website Chat, Business Intelligence, Email Client, Microsoft Dynamics ERP software etc.


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