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Office 365

About Office 365

Office 365 represents the software suit created by Microsoft that contains popular, business essential solutions like: Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint etc.

Microsoft Excel is probably essential for most of the companies. It is successfully used, together with other tools and solutions, to create tables, reports and for easily managing information.

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful application for managing emails and activities. It allows you to efficiently manage your conversations and schedule. Besides, it integrates with little effort to external CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and others.

Microsoft PowerPoint enables any professional to build engaging visual presentations, without needing graphic design knowledge and experience

Besides these well-known and heavily used solutions, Office 365 plans offer a large storage space on OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud storage solution), 1 TB.

By using this mix of applications, any business can take collaboration and productivity to a whole new level.

Services we offer

  • Software implementation
  • System customization
  • User profiles configuration
  • Courses for users

Key Benefits

Scalability, pay monthly just for what you use

  • The licenses are acquired as subscriptions, and the payment can be done monthly, for every user. When a user leaves the company or a new person joins it and the number of licenses can be easily modified. As a result, the price level will be adapted to the new mix of users and services used.

Different subsctiption plans

  • There is a high variety of service plans that can be bought at different prices. Therefore, there is an option that suits every size and set of needs that organizations have.

Automation and facile communication and collaboration

  • The advanced subscriptions offer, besides de basic applications, solutions like Teams, a combination between a collaborative work space and an instant messaging service between employees, Power Apps, which allows developing custom apps without programming and Flow, a solution that helps automatize work, implement different processes that reduce the level of human actions and lead to important time savings.

A single licence for multiple devices

  • A major advantage is represented by the number of devices that Microsoft Office 365 can be installed on, after a license acquisition: 5 computers (PC or Mac) plus 5 smartphones and 5 tablets. A user benefits from the Office 365 suite’s features wherever he goes, on any device he owns.


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