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About QuickScore

Powered by the latest cutting edge web technologies, QuickScore gives you real-time access to the data you need when you need it. QuickScore transforms static performance measurement data into information and business intelligence.
QuickScore automates the balanced scorecard development process, Strategy Maps, and performance metric spreadsheets to transform data into management information that allows users to visualize performance in a way that helps improve decision making. Charts, graphs, dashboards and PowerPoint exporting are features of the software.

Services we offer

  • Software implementation
  • System customization
  • User profiles configuration
  • Courses for users

Key Benefits

Efficient dashboards

  • Our dashboard builder is perfect for strategy maps. You just move and resize colored bubbles that represent your strategic objectives. Dashboards go way beyond strategy maps. You can add charts, gauges, text, images, and more. It’s like PowerPoint, but with live data.

Automatic reports

  • QuickScore’s canned reports give you results in a few clicks. You can list all of your red measures, or compare common measures across organizations. Create ad hoc reports to explore your data. QuickScore’s custom report writer combines powerful filters with your choice of layout.


  • Choose to be alerted when any measure turns red. Or, set alerts for specific items, like when a measure falls below a certain value. You can choose to receive alert emails immediately, every day, once a week, or never.


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