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KPISOFT represents an innovative approach for performance management.

The revolutionary app aligns and powers your organization performance. For the first time, organizations can now have one single platform which connects organization strategy to employee performance management and business reporting dashboards.

KPISOFT is mobile ready with intuitive and extremely easy to use features for big enterprises to small and medium businesses.

Services we offer

  • Software implementation
  • System customization
  • User profiles configuration
  • Courses for users

Benefits of KPISOFT

Features that combine information, analytitcs and performance management

  • KPISOFT offers your analytics information, information regardin performance management, but also data from external sources, combined together in a single platform. This platform integrates organizational performance with organization’s scorecards.

Comprehensive and easy to use

  • KPISOFT is the result of 11 years of research, in which performance management information has been assimilated from a variety of sources. It is easy to use and it aligns the organizational objectives with the individual performance objectives.

Device independence

  • The revolutionary cloud application is optimized for every type of device (desktop of mobile).


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