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About is a comprehensive software solution to define Objectives and Key Reuslts (OKRs) integrated with Task and Performance management directed toward 360-degree organization governance for accelerated growth while maintaining the best work culture. The solution provides a powerful goal-setting framework that enables teams or employees to deliver with speed and accuracy, while its transparency feature ensures alignment within organization and enables each individual visualize how valuable their contribution is for their company, promoting an inclusive culture.

Profit has been awarded as one of the Top 5 SaaS Products of 2019, at the premiere product conclave held by industry leaders NASSCOM.

Services we offer

  • Software implementation
  • System customization
  • User profiles configuration
  • Courses for users

Key Benefits

Efficient OKRs management

  • enables users to set and track their OKRs results, as well as ensures alignment within the entire organization through the transparency feature. By clarifying how objectives are linked with individual priorities, the solution allows each individual to visualize the value of their contribution for the organization.

Automatic reports

  • reports give you results in a few clicks. You can list all of your red measures or compare common measures across organizations. Create ad hoc reports to explore your data.’s custom report writer combines powerful filters with your choice of layout.


  • Choose to be alerted when any measure turns red. Or, set alerts for specific items, like when a measure falls below a certain value. You can choose to receive alert emails immediately, every day, once a week, or never.


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