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Who are we?

Meet Alex. He’s a well respected sales manager in his company, that works really hard to make both his clients and his colleagues happy. He cold calls, prospects, researches and really dives deep in his conversations with potential clients. Alex always goes for closing deals with a win-win attitude. The one big problem that he has is that he did not pay that much attention to an essential part concerning the follow-up process of his sales efforts: updating the CRM. At one point, Alex forgot the log-in link to his CRM, and since he was too busy sending emails and answering to customers, he skipped updating his information in the CRM. Unfortunately this process is not efficient, not for himself and also not for the company. His talent is based on establishing good relationships for the company but not to organize this data therefore Alex would need help in this aria to have enough time to concentrate on what he knows best.

Stories like Alex’s are what prompted us to start this journey to help organizations jumpstart their path to performance through quality data and systems implementation. Our mission drives us to come and cover people’s needs when it comes to software solutions that increase an organization’s performance. Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect from our products and services.

At TKI Solutions, we aim to truly help organizations make the most out of their software infrastructure by automating processes, from the most critical to the menial, routine ones. This approach results in receiving valuable insights, improving collaboration and taking full control over your experience, thanks to the large customization options that world leader software solutions offer. We live in a time of abundance, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of the opportunities offered?

Important matters that we want to address through this article are: “What is our expertise? and “What are the services we offer? At TKI Solutions we have the purpose of actively endorsing organizations to maximize the potential of their software infrastructure.
We have proudly partnered with some of the best professionals out there for business intelligence and performance management, whose products are truly state of the art. We have tested and tested again all of their services and products, so that we can offer you the best solutions out there when it comes to knowledge management and CRM.
Our partners for whom we offer software implementation, consultancy and courses are:

  • Microsoft with the products:
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 (customer relationship management);
    • Power BI (business intelligence);
    • Office 365 (productivity and collaboration);
  • LiveChat with the product LiveChat;
  • SpiderStrategies with the product Quickscore;
  • KPISOFT with the product KPISOFT.

These products are here to relieve you of some information related pains, such as:

  • A lack of transparency within the organization at every level
  • Time wasters, such as: sending emails, scanning documents, merging the information contained in different excel files
  • Losing track of your customers
  • Incomplete reporting, due to the lack of complete information within the organization

What’s our role, concretely!

We know that implementing a CRM system or coordinating all the infrastructural changes can seem like a hard task to manage. Not everyone has the luxury of investing in huge databases or IT specialists or even to have time to do what needs to be done.

That’s why we’re here to help. We can guide you, no matter how much expertise you or your organization have regarding the systems and solutions that we offer. Every organization is different, that’s why catering to your specific needs is a priority for our team, helping you out from A to Z:

  • We collaborate with your organization’s management and end-users to identify the best software solution. We will also discuss what requires customizations
  • We develop those specific features and functions, and send you a proposal that should be validated from your side
  • We take the default system and customize it based on your needs. We have great news regarding this point: most of the elements within the system are extremely customizable
  • The result that we will create will be validated by you, so you have full control over the final product
  • We offer special training sessions for end-users about the implemented solutions
  • Don’t worry, we won’t just run off after implementing the product! Our team will stick around to make sure that everything works exactly as planned and we will gladly help with future developments

The CRM solutions offered by TKI Solutions are cloud-based and therefore, the client-organization does not have to worry about things such as: time consuming, cost details, database architecture, performance, maintenance, up-time, troubleshooting or data security. And due to the capabilities of our partners, the end users will always get the full experience, while knowing that the data is stored in the data warehouses of some of the best and safest companies in the world.

We will be focusing on providing the best experience and interface for the end-users of our software. That is why we are constantly researching the market for better software solutions that can accommodate the ever-changing needs of our clients. Besides the end user interface and the experience itself, we are always on the lookout for such key features for our software solutions, such as: accessibility, integration, device independence, data-security and adaptability. Because of our expertise in the field, we could also become partners with and offer consultancy.

It is essential to always remember that a complex system, like a Customer Relationship Management or a Data Reporting and Visualization system, must fully adapt to a business’ particularities and activity and not the other way around. This essential point is what makes a solution powerful and scalable for any organization.

Because of our constant touch points with companies and organizations, we understand that implementing these software solutions is only one part of a bigger picture when it comes to organizational performance. Besides the usual software implementation, TKI Solutions, through its partner, The KPI Institute, is offering consultancy on reaching your maximum potential in Sales and Customer Service, Performance Management, Data Analysis and Visualization and much more, via courses and customized consultancy services. By combining a powerful customized infrastructure with well trained know-how, any organization can develop and achieve performance.
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We’re very happy to put our knowledge and software solutions to good use for those who need it the most. To get to know us better, go take a look at our About Us page, check our current services out and feel free to get in touch via our Contact details!

How about you?

Did you also notice a need for well implemented software solutions? Maybe even in your own organization you could start pin-pointing to problems that would get solved via a simple investment in the right software to manage your information flow and your business performance. Let start a chat about it in the comments!